Accept get ACCEPted!!!…More new Tour Dates!

“Blood of the Nations” was voted into the Top 5 comeback Albums of the 2000’s in Heavy Metal/Hard Rock category on social media networks, reaching #4! Additionally, it enjoyed the honorable accolades of the #1 Album of the Century… Latest Album “Stalingrad” follows its predecessor closely… Both Albums entered the sales charts at #4 & #5, while at the same time they compete with each other for top positions in most reader charts. This is an unprecedented achievement for ACCEPT. This has never happened in their career with two Albums in a row!#1 : Alice in Chains “Black gives way to blue” (2009)#2 : Anthrax “Worship music” (2011)#3 : Machine Head “Through the ashes of Empires” (2003)#4 : ACCEPT “Blood of the Nations”#5 : Iron Maiden « Brave New World » (2000)Alas, NO REST FOR THE WICKED: After a well deserved summer break, ACCEPT are preparing for a 20+ country tour. The sails are set for an all-out assault and the Army of Accept fans is getting ready for the Teutonic Terror Attack 2012.Check out on TOUR LINK.