Rickshaw Theater – VANCOUVER B.C., CA 09/21/2012 (Review by Metal Titans)

Metal through and through is what you can expect from the one and only ACCEPT. Oh was I thrilled to see these guys for the first time. The floor was crammed with people, you couldn’t move, people pushing and shoving to get right up front for full access.

And their set was absolute perfection, so mind blowing. Songs that you could sing along with (always an added bonus). The energy, was unbelievable, never slowing down for a second, which also kept the crowd just pumped. With all those bodies on the floor it was one intense hot show, but no one complained, we were all there to observe one of the greatest bands perform. I am still in awe as I write this. And believe it or not, I was still able to stand up front at the bar, holding on for dear life mind you, but not willing to give my spot to anyone. They played a variety of songs, from old to new, and Mark Tornillo on vocals did an unparalleled job.

Wolf Hoffman, had everyone’s attention, his playing ability, his movements on stage, whether by himself, or with the other members, was phenomenal. But in all fairness, each and every member on stage, were exceptional, and very camera friendly. When they played the renowned song “Balls to the Wall” there was not a single person who was not singing along, we all knew the words, and the crowd went crazy for this song. ACCEPT has left a lasting impression on me. An amazing group of guys who obviously love what they do, and it shows when they are playing to a crowd. If you missed seeing these guys, you missed out on the best performance to date in Vancouver. Don’t make that mistake again, next time they come to town, be there, support ACCEPT, I know that’s where I am going to be. Hope they return soon. There truly are no words to really tell you how fantastic this set was. I didn’t do them justice at all, but damn, they kicked some major ass in Vancouver on Friday night.