Roseland Theater – PORTLAND, OR 09/23/2012‏ (Review by Suzie Cera)

I saw the ACCEPT Stalingrad Tour in Portland, Oregon at the Roseland Theater. Incredible energy and vocals were there! No holding back, was loud and aggressive ALL THE WAY THRU. ACCEPT gave us a huge Wilkommen! All of the members make u feel welcome and special and that is without even knowing them personally. That is what I must say I was so impressed with. Honestly it felt like being with old friends or family..a great time that never will b forgotten. And special thanks to Peter who I was standing in front of…TY for playing to the camera and being so cool! I got some nice pics and video…Memorable! Thanks from my Boyfriend Mike ( meine deutscher mann) who took me to the show also. We thank you  for a great night.

Sincerely,  Suzie Cera.