The Wolfsblut Notes: The birth of the Official ACCEPT Wine.

A true marriage of great wine meeting great metal. This project was actually talked about last year at the famous Rainbow Bar and Grill in Los Angeles on the Sunset Strip. How Rock ‘N Roll is that?When I met with the band I was bombarded with the places that they have traveled to. The different foods that they experienced and the beverages that comforted them on the road. We all decided that this wine project does not replace the concert t-shirt. This is a true wine experience and will not disappoint those whom love wine already. Accept never does anything short, especially if it is a product that is offered to the fans. So therefore, the fruit for Wolfsblut comes from the world famous, Napa Valley. The hillside vineyards for this wine are sustainably farmed. The barrel aging process is 100% French oak. Like I said, no short cuts.This is a wonderful food wine that would go well with any of any of your pasta dishes but feel free to challenge it with a thick, medium-rare steak. Most important of all this wine, with it’s layers of blueberry, cherry and vanilla can easily be enjoyed by itself. Pop the cork and be prepared to howl at the moon!J.N.K.Petite Fleur Winery, Napa Valley