Juke Box – BUCHAREST, RO 10/21/2012 (Review by Sirn/m)

Sunday evening downtown the Bucharest, Romanian capital. A very good time  for people to enjoy their free time walking, filling bars or…for real rockers to take part to a real heavy metal event together with the real German legend ACCEPT. After a too long hiatus they succeeded to get in Bucharest as headliners at 2010 Sonisphere festival and now on their own on the Chaos club.
After a greet and meet with the nice, peaceful guys from ACCEPT at 22.00 o’clock they turned into “bad” guys (in the good sense of term) on stage. In the front of it you can’t throw a needle because of the packed crowd, in the back people eagerly to see how could this band could perform. After a beginning full of energy but with artistic expressions given by Hung Drawn and Quarted, they kept on tearing up  the stage, as fuelled by audience energy and the fire inside them. Not letting any representative album aside, they taught  a the public a complete two hours set of a heavy metal lesson. Promoting the  last album with the “Stalingrad” hit, the solid “Hellfire”, the lyrical “Shadow soldiers”, terrorizing us with the ferocious riffs of “Bucketfull of hate”, “Teutonic terror”, “No shelter” from the appraised Blood of the Nations,  classicals “Restless and wild”, “Breaker”, “Neon nights”, taking headbanging to the limit with “Aiming High”, “Losers and winners” and “Monsterman”, oferring an intelligent conception sample like  “Bulletproof”, give us a little break with “Up to the limit” and finally  pleasing anyone no matter the taste with “ Princess of the dawn”, “Metal heart”, “Pandemic” (the song that links the past to the present) and “Balls to the wall”. You don’t know really what you like most: Wolf /Peter guitars/ bass solos or duels, Wolf’s mimic handling the guitar, Peter not letting anyone in the audience to stay still for a second, thundering riffs that coming to you like a hurricane, Stefan crushing drums all the way, Hermann keeping tight the rhythm under control, or Mark getting along unbelievable well with all the songs from the past and and present. After this performance all you can say is: how they can do it ? the show is really over ? why the stage seems too small ? Or the stay in the line to get another autograph from the heavy metal masters who became humans again.

A night always remembered with the hope of their coming back. They had to catch up regarding Romania. And the whole world.