MY STORY – Unedited, personal stories written by ACCEPT Fans, 10/23/2012 (By Irfan Berk, Arizona)

The first time I saw Accept was in 83. I saw them 3 times in 7 days. I still remember sitting outside the concert hall in Heidelberg and talking to Herman and Peter. There was a hot chick dressed in all black. We thought she must be a groupie but in reality, she was Accepts manager.
At the last show in 83, we ended up between stage and barrier, I felt like I was a  part of the crew. Over the next few years I saw Accept when I could  here and there, and moved to the United States in 94. 96 a Fare Well Tour. Accept plays in my home town Berlin and I had to be there, I booked a ticket and flew to Berlin Germany to see Accept, friends and family. Last show ever, no Accept anymore?
In 2005, a rumor goes around that Accept is getting back together for a reunion tour. It would be festival tour and a few smaller shows in Japan. Festivals, no thanks, too many people. I was more interested in some of the smaller shows in Japan.
I planned my Accept trip to Japan. How do I get a ticket for a show in Japan? I found a ticket place here in Phoenix, booked my flight and hotel and off I went to the Diamond Hall in Nagoya, Japan. August, 2nd 2005, Accept is on stage, I can’t believe it, I’m in Japan to see Accept one more time.  I’m the tallest and whitest guy there. During the show, Herman looks at me, looks again and points at me. I salute back. Did he remember me after all these years?
The show was great, it is like old times and one more time I am rocking with Accept, headbanging to Fast, Son, Balls, Breaker, London Leather ….. all the songs I love. What a show, I enjoyed every second of it. I felt  like I was 19 again. The show is over, the band bows to the fans and Herman points at me to wait at a door. Cool, I have time.
A few minutes later, Herman comes out the door. “I remember you, what the hell are you doing here?”  We talk a few minutes and he takes me back stage.Here they are. Wolf, Peter … and the hot girl from 83. We started talking and realize that Gaby, the girl from 83, is also from my home town Berlin. Cool. She gives me her All Access Pass for memories, they offer me food and drinks and Stefan gives me a drum stick. I had a great time in Japan with Accept, not because I ended up backstage, no, I always have fun with Accept.
I don’t know if that is a record, well for me it is. A German guy, who lives in Arizona, travels to Japan to see Accept, a German band. Back in Arizona, a few weeks later I send an email to Accept and Gaby to thank her for taking care of me in Japan and for the pass. Over the next few month emails got sent back and fourth and we became good friends. I visited Gaby at her place, she met my wife Veronica and my son Jamon. I became part of her family and we kind of “adopted” each other. One day, I received an email from Gaby which  says, “Check this out”. A demo with two Accept songs. A few weeks later another mail, “We are back”.  What? Accept is back with a new singer. It’s about time.
May 2010, New York, first show with Mark. Gaby invites us and off we go again. Another Accept show and for the first time, we have passes. Off we go. At the door, Gaby is there and greets us, I see Wolf, Peter and Herman is shocked to see me again. The show was fantastic. Mark’s voice is great, perfect for Accept. ACCEPT is back, new CD coming out soon. YEAH.
April 2011, it’s birthday month and Accept is on tour here in the US. This time Accept plays here in Phoenix at a festival but only for 45 minutes or so but it does not matter, I’m there. I see Gaby and the guys at the hotel.
A few days after the Phoenix show, I fly to Portland, Oregon. I take my son on his 8th birthday to an Accept show. On the way over there we practice Balls and Heidiheidoheida as loud as we can. Gaby is at the door and she takes us straight to the sound guy and board. Oh, he is German too but more important, and my son is safe. I hold him in my arms most of the time and we enjoyed his first Accept show together.
In 2012 a new CD and another tour. In April 2012 they play in my home town Berlin Germany, that means, I have to travel to Germany. I don’t know how long the show was but it was long, at least 1 1/2 hours. I’m exhausted, my neck hurts. I have a pass and the sound guy takes me back stage. Another night with Accept. September 2012, the boys are in Anaheim. For me, it feels more and more like a family reunion. Here is the band, the merch guy, the sound guy, the only person which is missing is Gaby. Another great show!
Since 83 I have seen Accept numerous times, still have most shirts even though they don’t fit anymore, my favorite shirt is the one from Japan and a signed from the 83 Tour.

As long as they are touring, I will be there.