Principal Club – THESSALONIKI, GR 10/19/2012 (Review by E. Angel)

hmmmm… For me, just 7 single letters: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!
ACCEPT is still the BEST Metal band in the WHOLE Universe! New, fresh, happy, enthusiastic, crazy and most of all, extremely professional band! You gave the BEST and you know how to ROCK the audience!! \m/
Wolf was like a little crazy boy, crazy with his guitar trying to organize the crowd like a bleacher’s leader in a football (soccer) game/arena! 😉
I remember him back in 1994 in “Death Row” Tour, OK, Greeks were more “hooligans” those years and he was surprised from the fans, i was in front of him at the age of 20 in a short stage without security holding his left army-boot and in the beginning he was a little bit “inhibited” but after a few seconds he got so excited from the vibration of the metal atmosphere and was laughing all the time! 🙂
On Friday it was the opposite:
He was the “20 years old” Leader of the “Pack”, together with Peter they spread ACCEPT’s Metalheart pulse/vibration to the audience!!  Peter was tremendous too.. Mark Tornillo:I always was a hardcore fan of Udo. Last time i’ve seen ACCEPT it was with Udo in 2005 in RockWave Festival. Udo was my God and ACCEPT my religion since 13 years old.
I think the same feeling was for the most old Greek fans of the band.
After “Blood of the Nations” and the sensational sold-out show of Athens on February 2011, reading opinions (i wasn’t there) from younger fans in the internet, everybody was telling that Mark is his own man with a very big voice. He’s a really GREAT vocalist and frontman too, he fits so much to the band that makes you forget there was a time where HE was not there.
Herman and Stefan are GREAT musicians too, very famous and familiar to the fans and to all metalheads of the world, they’re doing great job! Overall, ACCEPT remains the BEST Metal band in the World. Teutonic Terrorists invaded Greece and took our brains and hearts as we say here in Greece.
6 out of 5 STARS for ACCEPT!!
As for the fans in Thessaloniki:
I’m always stringent/strict in matters with Metal shows and i was expecting more from my homemates, i’d like to be more Restless and Wild like old days but it’s OK, it is 2012, not ’90s or ’80s, people changed a lot, music changed, Greece is a bankrupt country, unemployment is more than 30%, national psychology and mood is down.., although under these situations, Northern Greek fans honoured ACCEPT with their presence and they were quite good!
I give’em 4 out of 5 stars.
This is all i had to say about the show and for me it was a MAGIC night, best moment of my life since 2005, you’re still AWESOME and i’m still in love with you guys! 🙂
I wanna thank ACCEPT again for everything and wish them all the best for the rest of European Tour!! 🙂

ACCEPT 4EVER and EVER!!! \m/