Interview With Wolf Hoffmann, ACCEPT: Bloodstock Festival 2013; “We’ve started working on writing some songs, the new album will be as heavy as the rest!”

Interview by Ali Blackdiamond

Bloodstock 2013

Bloodstock 2013

Legendary German metallers ACCEPT have had an extremely busy last few years, since their explosive comeback to the worldwide metal scene with their highly successful “Blood Of The Nations” album in 2010. Then came the release of another great heavy album in the shape of “Stalingrad” last year, which the band have done extensive touring with and most recently at many summer festivals.

ACCEPT‘s penultimate festival appearance this summer was at Bloodstock Open Air 2013, where Metal Shock Finland‘s Ali Blackdiamond caught up with one of the most friendly metal musicians, guitarist Wolf Hoffmann.

The interview took place before ACCEPT‘s show on the Friday evening, a review of which can be read at this location. You can read some excerpts below and watch the full interview on the video:

Discussing festivals, Wolf expressed his thoughts about them:

I love them because it’s almost like a party atmosphere. When you do your own headlining shows it’s all on you – you bring your own production and you worry about how the day goes down, but here you get told what to do. (smiles) You show up, do your thing and the rest is just having a good time, not very stressful!

When asked about the next ACCEPT album, Wolf said:

Our upcoming album is hopefully going to be out next year. We’ve started working on writing some songs, we haven’t recorded anything yet. But over the winter and maybe early next year we’ll start recording it and try to make it every bit as good as the last one, maybe even better if we succeed, we’ll see. It’s going to be as heavy as the rest!