Here’s what fans are saying about ‘The Rise Of Chaos’

Since the album’s release August 4th, 2017, ‘The Rise Of Chaos’ has been making waves with fans and critics alike!

Here’s what some of our fans are saying!

  • “More awesome metal from Accept. If you loved them in the 80s (I did) you will love them now! ‘Die By The Sword’ and ‘KoolAid’ are my immediate standout tracks, but this whole CD rocks” – Leo Wiltshire

  • “Really digging this new album “The Rise Of Chaos” ACCEPT, Love this classic metal feel to this new album” – Steven Skidmore

  • “The Rise Of Chaos”! Awesome new record!!! – Nils Papke

  • “The Rise Of Chaos is another rocking, hard-charging album.” Angry Metal Guy

  • “HELLL YAAAA 20 out of 10 Love It, Another great job guys” – Steve Rolick

  • “If you’re a fan of heavy metal and haven’t listened to the new ACCEPT album you’re missing out substantially.” – Nile Torres



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